In the name of God


Sarina Gostar Civil Engineering Company (SARC) (sarina industrial construction co): With a strong backing of technical experts and technical know-how, operating equipment, workshop equipment and self-service design and construction responsibility He is responsible for a variety of industrial and development projects at the international level.
The company has implemented the One Piece Management System (IMS) based on Quality Management System Standards (Iso 9001: 2008), Management and Occupational Health System (OHsas18001: 2007) and has achieved desirable quality of services. And, by adhering to the principle of customer orientation and maintaining the health and occupational health of its employees, it is moving towards its goals.
To this end, and in line with the country’s major companies in the field of industrial and development projects, it is committed to deploying the above systems effectively through the implementation of the following principles.
Improve the technical capability and skills of the company staff by providing the necessary training to the employees in order to achieve the desired quality in the implementation of the projects.
Compliance with the latest technical and engineering standards to the expected quality level of employers
Trying to use the world’s latest technologies with modern engineering knowledge
Obtaining and Increasing Satisfaction of Workers by Completing Projects and Orders by Approved Scheduling Letter and Observing Quality, Technical and Safety Characteristics of Their Implementation
Optimized energy and resource management
Promote a culture of safety and environmental health and create an open communication environment and productive interaction between management, staff and stakeholders.

This policy will always be reviewed and the management of your organization is committed to achieving the above goals in order to meet the legal requirements and customer requirements.
The realization of these principles is only possible with the participation of all employees and contractors of Sarina Engineering Company. Therefore, it is essential that all employees and contractors make every effort to fully realize this policy.

Engineer Mojtaba Jalali